ActivOnline is designed to allow for recording and monitoring of physical activity participation with real time feedback.

Initially designed as a research tool for use in populations with chronic illness, ActivOnline is a mobile application suitable for individuals and groups alike.

For Participants

ActivOnline is a simple to use, web-based system that allows you to monitor, track and progress your physical activity participation. With the added benefit of in-built messaging to your healthcare professional, and real-time graphical display of activity accomplishments, ActivOnline allows you the freedom to undertake physical activity when you choose and how you choose.

For Professionals

ActivOnline is a unique web-platform that enables multiple simultaneous users to interact with a single clinician. Designed as a research tool, the software features in-built messaging – to individuals or groups- and the capacity to export all data entries. ActivOnline enables clinicians to monitor and provide feedback to participants on physical activity participation, on both an individual and group basis.